We’ll likely get a few gnarls from our audience of trap and future dance lovers for this post. Quite honestly, we could care less. We post good music regardless of genre, and this new record Micky Blue co-penned — “The Good Bad The Ugly” — hit home with everyone on our team.
— Jadamix.FM
Micky Blue‘s title track from her forthcoming EP is out today and delivers nothing short of perfection from this promising young singer. Produced by Mickey Valen, “Wild Things” contains Blue’s signature anthemic vocal lines -often compared to Tove Lo – accompanied by pulsating, innovative beats that oscillate between mellow, R&B inspired and that high drama “future-bass” that will raise your pulse.
— Audiofemme.com
On ‘Dark & Stormy’, Micky Blue takes the best of Lana Del Rey‘s lush moodiness and mixes it with a show-stopping chorus and dramatic verses to create a haunting ballad, that’s of Rihanna-worthy standards. Along with her own powerful voice and emotive songwriting, Blue creates something that is the definition of pure pop bliss, but with all the depth and grit that will leave you craving for more. Now this is how you make a statement.
— bittersweet symphonies.co.uk
We go spunky, we go true. Micky Blue is back with a stunner and I just can’t leave her deed outside my writings. As every time, I’m feeling my knees so jelly - new single, The Good The Bad The Ugly is out, it takes upstage a Christmassy piano line, popsy vocals and the good the precious sound all in all possible her way.
— clickandlistenit.blogspot.com
Micky has a haunting pop style reminiscent of Tove Lo & Lana Del Rey, but quite frankly she’s in a league of her own.
— Breatheheavy.com
Micky Blue is a true star, and keeps getting better with every release.
— Musicandotherdrugs.com
With a “haunted pop” style, Micky Blue has taken the music scene by storm...
— kickkicksnare.com